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Dirt Inc. | Your Excavation Experts

Dirt Inc. is a Twin Ports excavation and concrete company owned by Northland Homes specializing in all aspects of residential and commercial excavation, demolition, and earthwork construction. We are a fully licensed, insured and bonded company that is highly recommended by many within the construction and building industry. We offer our clients 21 years of construction, building, excavation and concrete construction experience as well as a strong reputation for professionalism and high quality work and services.

Since 1998, Dirt Inc. has worked on numerous projects in North Dakota and Minnesota both large and small. Whether it’s home construction site work, driveways, corporate business parks, or foundations for new or existing homes, Dirt Inc. has the skills and expertise to help you meet your construction project goals.

As a company we offer extensive knowledge of construction and specialize in excavation and concrete services. Please contact us,  it is very likely we will be able to help you; however in the event we cannot meet your needs, we will try to provide you with a referral who can.